Armour Lane

Named after Philip Danforth Armour (1832-1901), who established Armour & Co., a meatpacking concern, with his brothers in 1867. (Many of Redondo’s early streets, laid out in 1906, honor famous American industrialists: see Ripley Avenue.) Armour himself was from New York and his company was based in Chicago, but he had some California ties: He banked his first fortune in Placerville in the early 1850s, making money off Gold Rush miners, and years later partnered with fellow meatpacker Michael Cudahy, for whom the city of Cudahy is named. Armour & Co. also kept rail yards in L.A’s Cypress Park for its refrigerated train cars in the early 1900s; the cars were used for export by L.A. fruit growers. Armour & Co. may be long gone, but the Armour brand is still licensed by both Smithfield Foods and ConAgra for their processed meat products.