De Adalena Street

I suspect “De Adalena” is just a poetic spin on “Adeline” – as in Adeline Guess (1896-1968), who co-owned the 1926 tract where this street originated. She was born Adeline Anna Schanel in Wisconsin and grew up in Iowa; she came to El Monte in 1911 when her father Joseph established the Schanel Mortuary there. Adeline wed her first husband Clifford Barton in 1916 and had a son with him, but that marriage soon fizzled and in 1923 she joined one of Rosemead’s oldest families when she tied the knot with Francis Marion “Frank” Guess (1896-1984). Frank, a grandson of pioneer settler John Guess (see Guess Street), ran a woven wire factory while Adeline worked as flower arranger at her father’s funeral home. The couple had two kids.