Maude Avenue

Maude Hansen (1875-1963), first wife of Dr. Homer Hansen (1872-1960), was born in Illinois as Susan Maude Dack but always went by her middle name. She wed Hansen in Platte County, NE in 1896 and came to Los Angeles with him in 1903; he named Maude Avenue for her four years later when he subdivided the Hansen Heights tract. It was a childless marriage and the Hansens divorced in 1919, with Maude accusing Homer of having beaten her with one hand while steering his automobile with the other. One year after the split, and only two weeks apart, the Hansens each remarried: she to hotel broker Edward Cason and he to Marie Huber, with whom he would have four kids – including a daughter named Maude. (She was named after Marie’s mother.) P.S. Homer Hansen’s brother John also had a wife named Maude; they married in 1905 and stayed married.