Bacon Road

Named for East Whittier pioneers Edmund Warren “E.W.” Bacon (1864-1949) and Ann Bacon (1868-1962). E.W. came from Ontario, Canada; Ann (née Irvine) from Scotland. They met in Saginaw, MI and married there in 1890. Months later, E.W. was hired by the East Whittier Land and Development Co. as a civil engineer; Ann joined him here in 1891 and they gradually amassed a great deal of land in these hills, from present-day Bacon Road (named in 1948) out to Penn Park. Their house, now gone, was located at Michigan Avenue and Mar Vista Street. E.W. Bacon was a friend and associate of developer/oilman Simon J. Murphy, namesake of Murphy Ranch Park. The Bacons had two daughters: Elsie Bacon Reese (1893-1961) was a homemaker and Dr. Elizabeth E. Bacon (1904-1972) a noted anthropologist.