Bloomwood Road

Named for the first wife of landowner Barry Taper. Barbara Bloome (1935-) was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and graduated from UCLA. Her father Mark C. Bloome (1902-1991) had come to L.A. around 1924 to open a gas station; it grew into one of the country’s most successful tire store chains. As for Bloomwood Avenue, it was named in 1960, during the year and a half that Barry Taper owned this tract. The Tapers’ marriage lasted a little longer, but it didn’t last: they were wed in 1956 and divorced in 1967. They had two children, Deborah and Andrew. Barbara later married Dr. Harlan Herzberg (1924-2017), a Beverly Hills dentist, but kept the Taper surname for many years.