Hartwick Street

This street honors Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York – although when landowner Cornelius Myers (1833-1914) named the street in 1909, he knew the school as Hartwick Seminary, located outside of Cooperstown, some 20 miles away. (It changed both name and location in 1928.) The college owes its name to Lutheran minister John Christopher Hartwick, who semi-financed it via his will when he died in 1796. Cornelius Myers was educated at Hartwick and chaired both mathematics and German there in the 1860s. His wife Margaret, a Cooperstown native, also learned and taught there. Decades later, when the Myerses moved to Los Angeles to join their son William, Cornelius paid tribute to his alma mater with this street name. See Saginaw Street for more on Cornelius and Margaret and Avoca Street for more on William.