Terzilla Place

Named for and by Terzilla Accomazzo (1882-1962), who set up a tract here in 1924 with her husband – and first cousin – Alfred (1881-1960). The Accomazzos immigrated to Los Angeles in 1902, shortly after marrying in their native Piedmont, Italy. (Alfred’s brother Edward – the two surely Anglicized their names from “Alfredo” and “Edoardo” – came with them.) Alfred worked as a butcher while Terzilla raised their children Augusta and Arthur. After moving several times across L.A., the Accomazzos came to Eagle Rock in the 1920s and lived just around the corner from Terzilla Place on Shasta Circle North. They relocated to Ontario a few years after Alfred, presumably sensing the end of Prohibition, cofounded the Cucamonga Winery in August 1933. The winery remained a family business until shutting down in 1975.