Homewood Road

Homewood and Tuallitan roads owe their names to Judith Scott Walter (1887-1951), a wealthy real estate speculator who christened them both in 1937. She was born Judith Scott in Portland, OR; her father Harvey (1838-1910) was editor-in-chief of the Oregonian. (An outspoken racist, Harvey Scott has unsurprisingly become persona non grata in 21st century Portland: a statue of him was toppled by protesters in 2020.) She married first husband Leroy Fields in 1913 and had twin daughters and a son with him. After Leroy was felled by a heart attack in 1927, Judith and her kids retired to their country mansion in Tigard, OR. She dubbed the mansion “Homewood” – hence our Homewood Road – and four miles from Tigard is the town of Tualatin, the spelling of which was mangled into our Tuallitan Road. In 1930, Judith Scott Fields married Pasadena’s William Emley Walter, a divorced publisher with four grown kids of his own. She split the rest of her life between Oregon and Beverly Hills.