McVine Avenue

(Mis)named for the MacVines, an English family who in January 1887 established a homestead and fruit ranch in Sunland back when it was called Monte Vista. Parents John (1858-1924) and Elizabeth (c. 1858-1931) had come to Los Angeles from Bolton, UK (near Manchester) just three months earlier with their little boy Leonard (1882-1951) in tow. Their second son Noel (1888-1962) was born on the ranch, married his first wife Lillian in 1912, and co-owned a Sunland garage before joining the LASD as a deputy around 1924. He retired in 1948 then moved up to Oregon with second wife Alice. (Lillian died in 1940.) Leonard, who never left Sunland, married one Edna Clark in 1932. For reasons undisclosed, he committed suicide in their house on Jardine Avenue. Neither he nor Noel had any kids. The former 2nd Street was changed to McVine Avenue in 1929.