Neola Street

Eagle Rock has three streets named after small towns in southwest Iowa: Avoca, Neola, and Wiota. They were christened in 1906 by William Raymond Myers (1866-1924), who was born in New York but came of age in Anita, IA – less than an hour’s drive from Avoca, Neola, and Wiota. After graduating from Iowa State University, Myers moved back to Anita, married Harriet Goodhue Williams (1867-1950), and had two daughters with her. The family relocated to Los Angeles in 1895 for William’s health. Here he got into real estate and partnered with the Swiss-born Emil C. Kulli on several Eagle Rock tracts. After William’s death, Harriet Myers presided over both his company and the California Audubon Society. Postscript: Oddly, there was never an “Anita Street” in this neighborhood, but Myers did lay out two additional Iowa-themed streets, since renamed: Marne (now Glacier Drive) and Exira (now Kipling Avenue).