Rinaldi Street

Named for Valley pioneer Carl Robert Rinaldi (1834-1908), whose real name was apparently Carel Ambrosus Roberto Rinaldi – he was born in Berlin to an Italian father and a German (possibly Hungarian) mother. Coming to the U.S. in the 1850s, Rinaldi settled in L.A. in 1859 and established an upholstery store downtown in 1868. The following year, he married local girl Francisca Valdez (1844-1921). The store did so well that in 1872 Rinaldi cashed in his chips, bought some 150-175 acres near today’s Van Norman Reservoir, and set to farming. Here the Rinaldis would raise one daughter and five sons (one died at 12) while growing oranges, grapes, and above all olives: Rinaldi claimed to have 2,000 olive trees in 1893 and was considered a local expert. He also served as a constable and, later, school trustee. Rinaldi Street was named in 1916.