Saginaw Avenue

Named on 1908’s Saginaw Heights tract, owned by Cornelius Martin Myers (1833-1914), whose son William developed several other Eagle Rock tracts (see Avoca Street). Myers the elder worked in education for many years, first as night school superintendent in his hometown of Paterson, NJ, then as department chair at Hartwick Seminary near Cooperstown, NY, where he married local girl Margaret Helen Jones (1834-1919) and had one child with her: William. Myers then got a job as a school principal in Saginaw, MI. Despite the brevity of his sojourn there – arrived no earlier than 1867 and departed for Lanark, IL by 1870 – the city obviously left enough of an impression that he named this street after it. The Myerses moved to Anita, IA in 1876 and gave up education for banking: unusual for the time, the Bank of Anita listed Margaret as its president and Cornelius as its cashier. They joined their son in Los Angeles c. 1903.