Tedemory Drive

Arthur Theodore “Ted” Emory (1862-1960) lived at what is now the northeast corner of Painter Avenue and Tedemory Drive from 1905 until 1952. (The street itself was named in 1947.) Emory was a native of New York: born and raised in Unadilla, he graduated from Cornell in 1886, worked as a teacher in Allegany and Yonkers, and ran a military school in Sing Sing. In 1902, he married Sally Sparks Moore (née Williams, 1864-1959), a Kentucky-born widow whose son John (1885-1947) was one of Emory’s pupils. Emory then spent two years as principal of the Cheltenham Military Academy near Philadelphia, but in 1905 the family decided that Whittier was the place for them, so they bought 4.5 acres on Painter Ave. and started growing citrus. Although they added 5.5 acres across the street just a year later, their home retained the nickname “Four Acres” and was considered one of Whittier’s most beautiful and popular gathering places.