Tweedy Boulevard

Much of South Gate lies on the site of a 19th century ranch and dairy owned by the Tweedy family. Facts are particularly hard to nail down in this case, but Robert D. Tweedy (c. 1812-1899) was born in either Illinois or Missouri – records vary – and first migrated to Arkansas, where he wed Mary Elizabeth Holyfield (c. 1820-1910). The couple and their four children wagoned out to El Monte in 1852; four more kids were then added to the brood. In or around 1868, Robert purchased 2,000 acres of the former Rancho San Antonio – the seller was reportedly Louis Phillips – and raised livestock here. The Tweedys began subdividing the ranch in 1911 after Mary’s death. Tweedy Road was named by 1886 and attained “boulevard” status by 1922. Downey’s Tweedy Lane is named for a relative.