Annetta Avenue

It’s a safe bet that this 1923 street honors Annetta Lenora Kauffman (1915-1997) since we have Kauffman and Dorothy avenues due west: Dorothy Kauffman was Annetta’s big sister. Named after her paternal grandmother, Annetta Kauffman was born in Los Angeles to real estate accountant Milton M. Kauffman and his first wife Rebecca, who passed away when Annetta was not yet four years old. She would be raised by stepmothers: Milton married Gladys Johnson around 1924, then Amelia Renick (née Reinke) in the early 1930s. (Oddly, I found no record of either marriage.) Amelia was a widow with two daughters of her own, but Dorothy was the only attendant when Annetta, who attended USC, wed Edward Lee Harrison in 1940. They had two kids, William and Doanna, and wound up in Van Nuys.