Winona Avenue

Named in 1905 for Winona County, MN. The street’s subdivider, William Clague (1864-1931), had lived in Winona for seven years and was feeling nostalgic. Originally from the Isle of Man, Clague came to Minnesota in 1891 and was ordained a Methodist minister that October, representing the townships of Pleasant Hill in Winona and Money Creek in nearby Houston County. Just one week after being ordained, he married fellow Isle of Man immigrant Alice Gelling (1862-1941); I couldn’t discern whether they knew each other from back home, but they lived in Winona’s Hillsdale township and had four kids there (see Mona Boulevard). In October 1898, Rev. Clague was reassigned to a Methodist church in Mower County, MN, some 70 miles away. He served there for almost exactly one year then took his family to California.