Wyoming Avenue

Named not for the state but for Pennsylvania’s Wyoming Valley, home of the folks who christened this street in 1925. Wyoming is an ancient Lenape word that’s most often translated as “at the big river flat” or “at the big plains”. The earliest mention I found of the PA valley was in 1755, a century before the territory (later state) of Wyoming copied the name. Wyoming Valley’s two major cities are Scranton and Wilkes-Barre – and in fact most of the developers behind Burbank’s Wyoming Avenue hailed from Wilkes-Barre: Levi “Al” and Nancy Dymond; Al’s sister Nellie Baer and her husband James; Joseph and Anna Thomas; William and Elisabeth Shonk; and William’s brother John and his wife Gertrude. In fact the Dymonds and Baers lived next door to each other on Wyoming Ave. (at Avon) for decades.