Bobbyboyar Avenue/Dannyboyar Avenue

Bobbyboyar and Dannyboyar were named in 1956 on a subdivision owned by developer brothers Louis Boyar (1896-1976; see Boyar Avenue for a bio) and Mark Boyar (1901-1975; see Jacmar Drive for a bio).¬†Along with their partners Ben Weingart, Richard Diller, and Irving¬†Kalsman, the Boyars had purchased 875 acres of the old Platt Ranch one year earlier for $6.12 million. But if you think Bobby and Danny Boyar were real people, think again: there were no Roberts or Daniels in the Boyars’ family tree. These two streets are surely just puns on “Bobby Boy” and “Danny Boy”, the former a common nickname and the latter a famous Irish ballad.