Carl Boyer Drive

Carl Boyer III (1937-2019) was a key player in the creation of the City of Santa Clarita – although he wanted it to be its own county. Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Boyer was educated at Trinity University in San Antonio and the University of Cincinnati. It was in the latter city where he met Ada Christine “Chris” Kruse (1942-2018); they married in 1962 and soon moved to SoCal. Carl would teach government at San Fernando High School for decades, although the Boyers and their daughters moved to Newhall in 1966. Here Carl soon became active in community affairs, including a failed campaign to carve off the SCV as “Canyon County”. He was elected to Santa Clarita’s first city council in 1987 and served (including two turns as mayor) until 1998. Carl Boyer Drive was named that year in his honor. Boyer was a foster parent and a world traveler who claimed to have visited 165 countries.