Dockweiler Street

Named for powerful attorney Isidore Bernard Dockweiler (1867-1947) on a 1917 tract he co-owned with his friends the Mullen family. Dockweiler was born in DTLA to German Catholic immigrant parents. He graduated from St. Vincent’s College – the forerunner to LMU – and passed the California Bar in 1889. He soon became one of the city’s top lawyers and would eventually get into Democratic politics, unsuccessfully running for lieutenant governor in 1902 and senator in 1926. (His son John would become a U.S. House rep, then L.A. district attorney.) Dockweiler was a high-ranking member of the DNC for sixteen years and was friends with Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was even named a Knight of St. Gregory by Pope Pius XI – that’s how big he was. You can also thank Dockweiler for the California Bear Flag being flown outside all public buildings: under his influence, it became state law in 1939. Dockweiler and his London-born wife Gertrude (1871-1937) had thirteen children, six of whom became lawyers themselves. Dockweiler State Beach was named in his memory in 1955.