Fellowship Parkway

One of the last truly rustic roads in this part of town, Fellowship Parkway was named by evangelical minister Benjamin Fay Mills (1857-1916). The New Jersey-born Mills was an indisputable progressive, being a vegetarian, suffragist, Christian socialist, and outspoken fan of the Bhagavad Gita. After a few years in the Bay Area with the Unitarian Church, Rev. Mills and his wife Mary Russell Mills (c. 1860-1918) came to L.A. in 1904 founded a nondenominational sect called the Los Angeles Fellowship. The Millses themselves lived on Fellowship Parkway, which they named in 1906. They left L.A. for Chicago in 1911, but Mills often came back to preach. A year before his death, Mills resigned from his own sect and rejoined his old church, the Presbyterians.