Scott Avenue

Parmer Milton “P.M.” Scott (1822-1900) and Elizabeth Morton Scott (1840-1913) were Midwest transplants – he a widowed father of (at least) four from Illinois, she a divorced milliner born in Indiana and recently from Olathe, KS – who each came to Los Angeles in the early 1870s. Here they were married on May 14th, 1879. The couple had a flair for real estate, buying and selling numerous properties both jointly and separately. Morton and Parmer avenues were named by the Scotts by 1888. Scott Avenue itself, on which the couple lived, was originally two streets called Wyoming Avenue and Cooper Street. It adopted the Scotts’ name in 1893. After P.M. died, Elizabeth set up the E. Morton Scott tract here in 1901, then opened her home “Elysian Vista” at Scott and Echo Park Avenue, although she died in a different house on Scott and Parmer. Nearby Lucretia Avenue was likely named for Elizabeth’s mother and/or sister; both went by Lucretia.