Gailxy Avenue

How and why would someone mangle the spelling of “galaxy” so flagrantly? I can’t give you the definitive etymology of Gailxy Avenue, but I can tell you that it was spelled that way on this housing tract’s original 1966 map. The most likely explanation is that it’s a punny if clumsy tribute to someone named Gail. Deane Brothers was the firm behind the tract, and its VP Clarence R. Graham Jr. did have a daughter named Gayle – but if the street is for her, then why not spell it “Gaylexy”? Another theory is that Deane Bros. auctioned off a “name that street” prize for charity and the winning bidder submitted “Gailxy”, either to honor their own Gail or to be annoying. That sounds more plausible to me, although I’ve found no record of such an auction.