Hoyt Street

George Washington Hoyt (1819-1896) and his son Roscoe Augustus Hoyt (1847-1921) were two of the first investors in the town of Pacoima, set up in 1887 by Jewett (a.k.a. Jouett) Allin. Hoyt père was born in Vermont and came to Rochester, Wisconsin in 1836, where he married Susan Melcher Coombs (1846-1905). He was later a captain in the Civil War. The family – including daughter Locasta (1849-1877) – came to California in 1875 and grew oranges west of Los Angeles city limits. After Locasta died of tuberculosis, the Hoyts returned to Wisconsin for a year or two, then came back to L.A. in 1883 and lived a quiet farming life, making extra income from land sales. Hoyt Street was probably named in 1887 and definitely by 1894; Roscoe Hoyt and his wife Hannah spent their final years together on nearby Pinney Street.