Pacoima Court

What’s a Pacoima-themed cul-de-sac doing down here in Studio City? Well in 1923, when Pacoima Court was born, the long stretch of Laurel Canyon Boulevard across the Valley was called Pacoima Avenue because it led to Pacoima. It was renamed in 1929, leaving Pacoima Court behind as a memento. The name “Pacoima” comes from the indigenous people of this region, but there are two theories about its origins. Many claim it was a Kizh (a.k.a Tongva) term meaning “rushing waters” and referred to a creek (the Pacoima Wash) and canyon in the hills northeast of the Valley. The other theory, supported by the Pacoima Historical Society, is that it was the name of a village settled by the Tataviam people and meant “the entrance”. The earliest printed mention I found was in 1874: it referred to the creek and it was spelled “Pacoyma”. At any rate, the town of Pacoima was founded in 1887 by Jewett Allin – Jouett Street is misnamed for him – who had acquired the land from Charles Maclay and partners.