Montague Street

After the City of Los Angeles annexed the SFV in 1915, many Valley streets had to be renamed to avoid duplication with like-named streets in L.A. So just as Lincoln Street became Osborne, Grant Street (for Ulysses S. Grant) became Montague. Osborne Street is almost certainly named for local landowner(s) Sherrill Blasdel Osborne and/or his brother Henry Zenas Osborne Jr.; thus Montague Street must be for the latter’s wife. Lilian Anna Montague (1885-1959), the second of three sisters, was born in Los Angeles and raised by her widowed mother. She graduated from L.A. High School and attended Stanford before marrying “Harry” Osborne in 1907. (She took a six-month trip to Europe with a female friend first.) Lilian Montague Osborne was active in social circles and reared two children: Hortense and William. The Osbornes lived in the neighborhood that, decades later, would become Koreatown.