Kamloops Street

Kamloops and Kelowna are cities in British Columbia, Canada, so whoever named our Kamloops and Kelowna streets surely had ties to that region. I’m 99% sure the namer in question was Peter Henry Haack (1856-1915) and/or his wife Mathilda (née Rombrot, 1864-1956). They owned a ranch where these two streets originated, and while Peter was a German immigrant, Mathilda did indeed come from BC: the couple married there in 1883 and their only child Henry (1884-1967) was born there as well – shortly before the Haacks fled to California to evade Peter’s unpaid debts. They ran a boarding house in DTLA for several years while Peter made money in the horse trade – then made much more in real estate. At the time of his 1915 death, with properties all over Los Angeles and 6,000 acres in Tulare County, he was reportedly worth $1.25 million. Henry Haack went on to manage his parents’ interests and also partnered with Sherrill Osborne (see Osborne Street) in a realty firm. He married thrice: first to Marie Petit, cousin of Petit Avenue‘s namesake; then to singer Amber Fay, who bore him a daughter (also named Amber) but left him for a fellow warbler; and finally to Mabel Gardner.