Calle Pedro Infante

Singer/actor Pedro Infante (1917-1957) was an absolute superstar in his native Mexico. Born José Pedro Infante Cruz in Mazatlán, Infante grew up poor and never went to school, so he picked up the guitar and began singing ranchera tunes in nightclubs at 16. After a few years as a radio singer in Mexico City, he released his first album in 1943 and became an overnight sensation. He would star in over 50 feature films, record some 350 songs, and perform in Los Angeles half a dozen times before perishing in a small plane crash in Yucatán. In the spring of 1983, tens of thousands of Infante fans petitioned L.A. City Council to rename a street in memory of their idol. Colorful councilman Art Snyder (see Via Marisol) sponsored the measure and Euclid Place – location of the community center La Casa Mexicana – was renamed Pedro Infante Street that August. It was known as Calle Pedro Infante by 1988.