Denni Street

This is just a sliver of the more substantial Denni Street in OC’s La Palma and Cypress, but its namesake is Job Denni (1878-1964), a Swiss immigrant who came to the area in 1902 to work for his uncle Louis, who owned a 500 acre dairy in Los Alamitos. (See Wilmington’s Denni Street for more on him.) Ten years later, Denni bought his uncle’s dairy; he had already been snapping up land in Cypress, on which he grew citrus, barley, and alfalfa. Denni married San Francisco’s Juanita Enfield (1895-1969) in 1910. They had five daughters and a son, Job Jr. (1926-1966), who grew up to be a Cypress city councilman but whose final years were marked by charges of bribery and spousal abuse, the death of his little boy Robert, and his own demise in a plane crash.