Douglas Avenue

Named not for a man but for a city. Local subdivider William Clague (1861-1931) was born and raised on the Isle of Man, and when he laid out a tract here in 1905, he named this street in honor of Douglas, the capital of his homeland. (He also named Mona Blvd. and Vesta Ave. for his daughters and Winona Ave. for his first U.S. home in Minnesota.) Officially a “self-governing British crown dependency”, the Isle of Man is located on the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The word “Manx”, most often employed by Americans for a tailless breed of cat native to the island, also refers to its people and its language. As for the city of Douglas, its name comes from the confluence of its two rivers: the Dhoo and the Glass, old Manx words for “black” and “gray”, respectively.