Fulcher Avenue

Public records on the Fulcher family are sketchier than usual, but we know this much: James (c. 1843-1935) and Susanna (c. 1841-1925) Fulcher were an English couple who immigrated to the U.S. around 1870 with their daughter Ada (1867-1959). They had three more kids while living in Missouri: James Herbert (1875-1941), Albert Phil (1877-1954), and Ernest Christopher (1879-1959). The Fulchers were living in L.A. by the 1890s, where father James sold strawberry plants, lemons, and chickens. In 1904, sons James and Albert were real estate agents/developers, with schoolteacher Ada their silent partner. (Ernest ran a sheet metal shop.) They settled in Lankershim – present-day NoHo – in 1917. Fulcher Avenue, where Ada and Ernest lived as neighbors, was named in 1924. That same year, Ada married one John A. Thompson.