Strohm Avenue

Named in 1911 for Samuel Strohm (1826-1915), who co-owned a tract here with James D. Millar and David and Elizabeth Wilson. (Today’s Auckland Ave. was called Wilson Ave. on the tract.) Strohm was a teacher-turned-real estate speculator who hailed from Lancaster, PA. He and his wife Susan (1828-1907) had relocated to Los Angeles by 1876 after spending some years in Iowa and Colorado Springs. It appears they were following their daughter Anna Mathes (c. 1852-1894), whose husband Samuel was publishing a forerunner to the Los Angeles Times. The Strohms lived on Bonnie Brae. P.S. Note than an earlier version of this writeup incorrectly cited L.A. fire chief Thomas Strohm (1846-1929), no relation to Samuel, as Strohm Avenue’s namesake.