Griswold Avenue

Henry William Griswold (1854-1887) was the short-lived son-in-law of San Fernando founder Charles Maclay. Born and raised in Niagara, NY, Griswold came to Los Angeles in 1877 and settled in San Fernando in 1878 after being hired as station agent and telegraph operator at the local depot. A year later, he married Mary Elizabeth Maclay (1860-1937). As one of the young city’s chief citizens, Griswold planted trees across town and was appointed justice of the peace in 1881. He even ran a general store. In October 1887, Griswold finished building an “elegant residence” on Maclay Ave. at Library Street. Two months later, he was dead of an undisclosed illness. Griswold Ave. was named before his death – possibly years before. Mary Griswold, whose only child Sylvia died in infancy, lived in San Fernando for the rest of her life.