Hoefner Avenue

Misnamed for William Henry Hoefener (1895-1944), a real estate broker who at the time (1922) was secretary and treasurer of Carlin G. Smith Inc., developers of the Eastmont tract. Hoefener was born in Los Angeles to German immigrant parents. After fighting in World War I – on his draft card, he unsuccessfully requested an exemption on the grounds that he was German – Hoefener worked as a shipping clerk before Smith hired him c. 1921. He and his wife Elsa (née Muck, 1897-1978) lived on June Street in Hollywood during the 1920s, but after their only child Marguerite died at six from polio, they relocated to Eastmont, living first on Belden and then on Bradshawe. It must have irked poor old Hoefener to see his name misspelled on nearby street signs.