Kellogg Drive

When you see “Kellogg”, you think of breakfast cereal. And indeed, Kellogg Drive is named for Will Keith “W.K.” Kellogg (1860-1951), the corn flake king of Battle Creek, Michigan. (He invented flaked cereal in 1894 with his brother Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943), who ran the Battle Creek Sanitarium – as in health spa, not mental hospital.) The company we now call Kellogg’s was founded by W.K. in 1906. It made him fabulously rich, and in 1925 he purchased 377 acres in Pomona for his winter residence and Arabian horse ranch. It eventually grew to 813 acres. Kellogg, a renowned philanthropist, donated the land – along with $600,000 and 95 horses – to the California State University system in 1932. After years of back-and-forth between the state and Kellogg’s foundation, Cal Poly Pomona opened its doors here in 1956.