Toberman Street

Named for James Ralph Toberman (1836-1911), who served 6 one-year terms as mayor of Los Angeles in 1873-1874 and 1879-1882. The Virginia-born Toberman grew up in Carrollton, MO after the death of his mother. He had moved to Sacramento by 1860 to work as a bookkeeper and came to L.A. in 1864 upon his appointment as assistant county tax assessor. He also served a term on City Council in 1870. When he wasn’t working in the public sector, Toberman was primarily an insurance man. He and his wife Emma (1848-1909) had two kids: Ralph (1868-1924) and Homer (1872-1901). A nephew, Charles E. Toberman (1880-1981), was a major builder in early Hollywood, where his uncle and aunt spent their golden years. The Tobermans founded the Homer Toberman Deaconess Home in 1903 in memory of their late son; it still exists as the Toberman Neighborhood Center, which supports at-risk youth. Toberman Street was named in 1875. Although Toberman was subdividing his own modest acreage on Pico that year, his namesake street originally stretched between Washington and Adams.