Tocino Drive

This street is a bit of wordplay. Tocino means “bacon” in Spanish, and a family named Bacon lived here for some 80 years. Their sizzling reign began in 1886, when Captain Williamson Ware Bacon Sr. (1844-1925), a Kentucky farmer and Civil War veteran, came here with his wife Elizabeth and their two kids and bought 42 acres of the old Rancho Azusa de Duarte. In fact the Bacons lived in at least part of Andres Duarte’s old 1841 adobe until they tore it down in 1913 to build a larger house. The media reported that Williamson “Bill” Bacon Jr. (1883-1970) sold the acreage in 1931, yet he and his family moved back into the old house in 1945. At that point, Tocino Drive was still called Fish Canyon Road. It was renamed – either by or for the Bacons as an inside joke – in 1953. (A different Fish Canyon Road still exists.) The Bacons remained here until 1963.