Toland Way

Named for Lucy Toland Glassell (1838-1879), who with her husband Andrew (1827-1901) owned the land that would become Glassell Park. (See Glassell Street for more on hubby.) Born in South Carolina, Lucy Toland moved to Northern California with her father, sister, and stepmother in 1852. (Stepmom kicked the bucket shortly after arrival.) Dr. Hugh H. Toland (1806-1880), Lucy’s father, was a highly successful surgeon who in 1864 founded San Francisco’s Toland Medical College, which ultimately became UCSF. Lucy married fellow Southerner Andrew Glassell in 1856 and came down to L.A. with him nine years later. It’s likely that she died while birthing her ninth child, Lucien Toland Glassell (1879-1899). At least three other Glassell heirs had Toland as a middle name. Toland Way was named in 1920 by Lucy’s surviving children.