Aiken Avenue

(Mis)named, in 1923, for Aikin Brooks Sheldon (1891-1982), youngest sibling of local developer Benjamin Cushing Sheldon (see Cushdon Avenue). It may be that a surveyor misspelled the name and the street was recorded before Ben Sheldon could fix it. Little matter – his brother went by his middle name anyway. Brooks Sheldon was born and raised in Minneapolis. His World War I draft card indicated that he was deaf, thus exempting him from service, but it’s unknown whether he was born deaf or lost his hearing in his youth. He married Clara Louise Allen (1892-1975) in 1939. They apparently met at the Minneapolis League for the Hard of Hearing, where Clara had been active since 1925, suggesting that she too was deaf. Clara was a bookkeper; Brooks held various odd jobs. The couple moved to Colorado Springs c. 1952 and to my knowledge never stepped foot in Los Angeles.