Currier Road

Alvan Tyler “A.T.” Currier (1840-1921) was a Mainer who came to this area in 1870 and purchased 2,500 acres of land, much of which he dedicated to the growing of grain and walnuts. (His house was located a mile northeast of here, on Old Ranch Road. In 2004, it was moved to Pomona and now sits in a rather derelict state behind the Phillips Mansion.) A.T. Currier was Los Angeles County sheriff from 1882 to 1884 and was elected to the California State Senate in 1898, where he served two terms. A much-loved local figure, he was a bank director in both Pomona and El Monte and a founding trustee of the University of Redlands. Currier died wealthy: his estate was worth over $1 million in 1921 dollars. Currier Road itself was named in 1903 by Valentine Peyton on farmland he purchased from the Swan family, due south of Currier’s ranch.