Duke Drive

This tract was laid out in 2004 and all its streets honor Western movie star John Wayne (born Marion Morrison, 1907-1979). In alphabetical order: Alamo Way is for Wayne’s 1960 film The Alamo, Cowboy Court remembers 1972’s The Cowboys or else just Wayne’s cowboy image, Dakota Drive is for the 1945 film Dakota, Duke Drive is a nod to Wayne’s nickname, Hatari Way is for his 1962 safari adventure Hatari!, Marion Way recalls Wayne’s real first name, Pilgrim Court is a reference to his nickname for James Stewart in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), Rio Lobo Way is for 1970’s Rio Lobo, Stagecoach Way is for Wayne’s 1939 breakout Stagecoach, and True Grit Court is of course for the original 1969 True Grit, which won Wayne the Best Actor Oscar.