Fourl Road

Named for attorney Charles Wilson Fourl (1881-1950). Hailing from the Allentown, PA area, Fourl worked as a school principal before deciding to pursue law. He graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1909 and set up practice in Los Angeles two years later. (He later became something of an oil tycoon.) I presume that Fourl, whose client list was thick with wealthy Angelenos, represented one of the owners of Newhall’s Atwood Addition. Incidentally, at the time the street was named for him – 1925 – Fourl was representing Winifred Westover, the young wife of silent movie star William S. Hart, Newhall’s resident celebrity. The Harts were married for just six months before separating in 1922; Winifred was contesting a clause in her trust that forbade her from acting in movies herself.