Howland Drive

This 1954 street is really named after Inglewood benefactrix Grace Howland (1869-1956), but since the entry for Grace Avenue covers her biography, here I’ll discuss her husband Charles Henry Howland (1863-1934). A civil engineer from the Toronto area, Howland helped survey Manitoba and Saskatchewan before moving to Los Angeles in 1884. Three years later, he was hired by Inglewood pioneer Daniel Freeman – Grace’s dad – as ranch manager; he and Grace were wedded in 1888. No doubt aided by his father-in-law’s vast fortune, Howland engaged in numerous business pursuits, from brickworks to steamships, from banks to hotels. (George I. Cochran and Frederick H. Rindge were frequent partners.) He and Grace divorced around 1923; he then married Mary May Benedict (née Smith) in 1924 and moved to Glendale.