Inglewood Avenue

The town of Inglewood was established in 1887 by the Centinela-Inglewood Land Company, whose directors included N.R. Vail, Dan McFarland, Charles Silent (see Chester Place), Rosemead founder L.J. Rose, and others. Farmer/landowner Daniel Freeman was also instrumental in its development. Some historians believe Inglewood was named by a sister-in-law of Vail’s in honor of her hometown in Canada. However, while Vail’s two known sisters-in-law were Nova Scotians, that province’s Inglewood – so small it barely even rates as a community – is some 70 miles away from either woman’s hometown. In short, we don’t know the inspiration for our Inglewood’s name. As for this street, it was originally called Damask Avenue. Although Inglewood Ave. was mentioned as early as 1900, Damask wasn’t officially rechristened until 1933. Only one block retains the old name – just north of Inglewood city limits.