Rimpau Boulevard

Theodore Rimpau (1826-1913) was a German immigrant who came to L.A. in 1850. That very year, he met and married Francisca Avila (c. 1832-1903), daughter of the late Los Angeles alcalde (mayor) Francisco Avila. Rimpau then moved into the famous Avila adobe on Olvera Street¬†and helped run the family’s Rancho Las Cienegas. In 1868, the Rimpaus relocated to the new German settlement of Anaheim, where Theodore had his ups and downs as a farmer but excelled as a shopkeeper. Several of the Rimpaus’ fifteen(!) children, most notably Albert (1953-1910), returned to L.A. and managed the family’s real estate holdings, which included a large amount of acreage near present-day Rimpau Boulevard (christened Rimpau Avenue in 1907 and receiving boulevard status in 1920).