School Avenue

Although this street name looks like a no-brainer, given that two schools abut it, School Avenue was actually born in 1923 as Hulme Avenue, in honor of Philip Dunn Hulme (1889-1967), a real estate man who worked for Carlin G. Smith, subdivider of Eastmont. (Many streets here are named after Smith’s men: see Belden Avenue.) Eastmont Grammar School – now Joseph A. Gascon Elementary – opened the following year. This street was still called Hulme then; it was changed at some point between 1925 and 1928. (One theory is that it was renamed because residents couldn’t agree on how to pronounce “Hulme”.) Just as well: Philip Hulme killed a man while drunk driving in 1930 and was convicted of vehicular manslaughter, thus sullying the Hulme name. As for Eastmont Intermediate School, it opened in 1938 as Eastmont Junior High.