Sharynne Lane

Real estate developer Ben Haggott and landowner Roy P. Dolley laid out their Seaside Ranchos tract here in 1946, less than a year after Dolley bought the land from the heirs of C.N. Ellinwood. Haggott then named three streets for his kids: Reese Road, Dennis Road, and Sharynne Lane. (Dolley’s family is represented by Doris Way, Linda Drive, and Robert Road.) Sharynne Haggott was born in 1938 to Ben and his second wife Yvonne. The couple divorced in 1944 and Sharynne and her brothers grew up in Big Bear Lake with their mother. (They later acquired a stepfather: Yvonne married a cop named Jack Miller in 1952.) I couldn’t find out much about Sharynne. All I know is that she married a fellow named Wayne Klein, had three children with him, and moved up to Redding in 1971. She was still living there as of 2022.