Dennis Road

Named in 1948 after Dennis Tyre Haggott (1935-2002), eldest child of this neighborhood’s subdivider Edward Benjamin “Ben” Haggott (1904-1982) and his second wife Yvonne (née Baker, 1913-2002). Dennis’s siblings Sharynne and Reese also have namesake streets here; no such luck for their half-sister Susan, Ben Haggott’s daughter with his first wife Gertrude. Speaking of Gertrude, she and Ben were still living together in Los Angeles when Dennis was born in New York to Yvonne. Did Ben knock up Yvonne while on a business trip? Or did Dennis have a different biological father? Unknown, but Gertrude did divorce Ben in 1937. His marriage to Yvonne didn’t last either: she dumped him in 1944 and took the kids to Big Bear Lake. Dennis Haggott joined the Navy in 1954 after graduating from Big Bear High; he achieved the rank of chief petty officer twenty years later, so clearly he was a career Navy man. In 1966, he married Virginia González Muñiz in Puerto Rico, which is also where he died.