Reese Road

Named in 1946 for Roy Reese Haggott (1940-2010), who went by his middle name. His developer father Ben Haggott honored three of his children with streets here: see Dennis Road and Sharynne Lane for more. Reese, named after his father’s business partner Bill Reese, was born in L.A. but grew up in Big Bear Lake after his parents divorced in 1944. (They may have had joint custody, as Reese was listed twice in the 1950 census: with his mom in Big Bear and with his dad in Torrance.) He himself would marry four times – just like his old man – but was more consistent in his professional life: he was a leader in the car stereo industry, particularly during his 1979-1986 stint as VP of Torrance-based Alpine Electronics. A father to four daughters, Reese Haggott spent his final years in Minden, NV.