Sunnyslope Avenue

Sunnyslope’s origins go way back to 1861, when Bavarian entrepreneur L.J. Rose set up his 1,950 acre Sunny Slope ranch here. (See Rosemead Boulevard for more on him.) Sunny Slope’s arable acreage consisted mostly of vineyards, with a smaller portion dedicated to citrus trees. In late 1886/early 1887, Rose sold the property to an English syndicate led by Sir John Henry Puleston, with the entire estate to be turned into vineyards to make wine and brandy for the UK market. (Therein lies a sordid tale of Puleston and others fleecing their own investors with “finders’ fees”.) Later in 1887, however, Rose subdivided part of the land as Lamanda Park, its name derived from his wife Amanda M. Jones Rose (1834-1905). Sunnyslope Avenue was probably named at that point, as were Nina Street and Daisy Avenue for two of the Roses’ daughters.